India Is No Country To Raise Daughters

It is outrageous. Shocking. Absolute disgrace to all of us. The whole nation. Supreme Court’s report showed that from January 1 to June 30 this year, 24,212 First Information Reports (FIRs) were filed across India under the POCSO Act.

(POCSO – Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. It deals with child abuse and sexual assault on children. In short, Child Rape).

India registered 24,212 FIRs for child rape in 180 days. That is 135 FIRs for child rape daily. This is insane. Out and Out sickening. There are no words to describe this.

Also, there would be incidents where children do not report sexual assault to their families. There would be cases where families refuse to approach police station to file FIR. If all these get added up, I do not want to even think about it. And, POCSO does not deal with FIRs of rape on adult women.

24,212 FIRs of child rape in 180 days. These are not mere numbers. 24,212 lives ruined forever before they reach their adulthood. These are 24,212 children, most of them girls, innocent, naive, simple, just a child, who would just want to play. What have they ever done to deserve such a fate?

What have we done as a country to avoid the FIR No. 24,213?

Political Leaders

When the elections come, the politicians turn up and promise whatever and whatnot for votes. Has even one politician owned up to fight for any of these 24,212 children? Has even one politician vowed that s/he will make her/his constituency child-abuse free, where the safety of the daughters is guaranteed? Ever heard even one statement condemning these incidents from Prime Minister to the Corporator or the Sarpanch and all the Honourable Political Leaders in between?

Forget it. They will only throw Kuldeep Sengar, the Unnao BJP MLA at us.


The time limit for investigation of all cases of rape has been prescribed, which has to be mandatorily completed within two months. The deadline for the completion of trial in all rape cases will be two months. Note that, this mentions all rape cases and not just POCSO cases.

So, what would this mean? India is getting justice? Far from it. 1.5 lakh POCSO cases are pending trial. These are not 1.5 lakh cases, damn it. These are 1.5 lakh children abused and carrying the scar for the rest of their lives. And India’s defunct judiciary will keep dragging its feet till the accused dies of natural causes – old age and the case will be dismissed.

Indian Parliament has passed a law to provide death penalty for rapists of girls below 12 years. When the Judiciary does not deliver justice, what use is the law of death penalty?

Forget it. Nirbhaya convicts are still very much alive. The Honourable Supreme Court is yet to decide on their review petition.

The Government

As per available data, the number of victims compensated under POCSO was 3% in 2015, 4% in 2016 and 5% in 2017. The Government cannot even compensate the victims, leave aside get them justice.

India has a Child Rights body – National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR). It is a statutory body working under the Ministry of Women and Child Development. This distinguished Commission has not gathered any data related to child sex abuse cases since the POCSO Act came into being in 2012.

Forget it. The Government will just say “Beti Bachao”. What for? To get them raped?

The Police

Of the 24,212 FIRs registered under POCSO in the first six months of 2019, over 11,900 cases – just under half – were pending investigation. Meaning, the Police registered only the FIRs, and that is it. In India, anyways nothing is expected out of the corrupt politicians and the defunct Judiciary, at least the Police could have taken the lead in providing India’s daughters with a safe environment.

Anyone IPS officer/police station/constable could have taken a public vow to make her/his jurisdiction POCSO-free.

Forget it. They are busy perpetuating their indulgence.

The Media

Ever heard any one of these 24,212 FIRs in any of the media – print / digital / TV / anywhere? Has there been even one media outlet that says that they will report all the POCSO cases in their respective catchments from the day FIR is registered to when the trial court passes a judgement – daily?

Forget it. They will not see any saleability in this reporting.

This brings us to the biggest culprit of all. Us. Society.

What have we been up to? What are we doing? Where have we reached as a society wherein 100 + of our kid daughters get raped daily? We have lost our moral and ethical compass so much that nothing moves us out of our slumber.

Where did we go wrong as a society that perpetrators of these 24,212 FIRs within 180 days are amongst us and we are silent? Where have we lost our spine that our political leaders, government, judiciary, police, media – none of them are playing their part in delivering a safe society and we are silent? How did we become a place where it is unsafe for our daughters to enjoy their childhood and we are silent?

I know that we are somewhere, still humans. Just do not know, where humanity is lost.

I thought I am living my dream as a parent, I was wrong. It is a mistake from my side for making my twin daughters take birth in this country. I am sorry girls.

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  1. The situation is pathetic and I always wonder why I am unable to do anything about saving the girl child. Just busy in the rat race. After seeing this, I decided that I am going to do something about it. If you want to join hands, please reach out to me.

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