Neem Peepal Banyan Lyrics for Children

Inspired by Neem Peepal Banyan from Karadi Tales, my wife wrote the below poem for O +ve and B +ve. It is similar to My Name is Madhavi adaptation.


We use the below rhyme to introduce the trees, the parts, the benefits to the girls. The lyrics also introduce names of the trees in Hindi and Telugu, along with English.


Neem, Peepal, Banyan

Coconut, Mango, Banana

Tamarind, Gulmohar

Eucalyptus, Ashoka.


Trees big, trees small

Trees large, trees tall

Trees are home for birds and bees

Trees dance and sway in the breeze.


Babul, Ber, Bakul

Kadamb, Jamun, Badam

Mahua, Kathal

Palash, Kokum.


Roots, trunk and the crown

Branches, leaves and bark that is brown

Different parts of the tree

Its nature’s wonder – we agree!


Bilva, Usiri, Eetha

Thangedu, Thati, Thumma

Chandanam, Kanuga

Velagakaya, Nimma.


Tree bower is nice to lie down

Trees are cool to climb on

Trees are good to hug and bond

Trees are great to play around.


Bamboo, Laburnum, Copper pod

Pine, Teak, Casuarina,

African Tulip, Coralwood

Tree of Gold, Jacaranda.


Trees fulfil our every need

Trees do us a great deed

With our future, we ought to share

Trees, which are friends rare!


So, let’s plant trees everywhere

So, let’s plant trees everywhere…