About Me: A Stay-At-Home Father

I am a stay-at-home father to six-year-old twin daughters, and also a life learning (unschooling) parent. I quit the corporate rat-race when my twin daughters turned two and half-years-old. My wife re-joined her enterprise, Dirty Feet, our first child.

As an experiential and hands-on parent, I undergo the revelations on this refreshingly unpredictable journey and the bliss and the anguish that comes with parenting full-on. Along the way, I chronicle my experiences, thoughts and goof-ups whilst learning to grow up together at mydaughtersandme.com, a parenting blog.

From the day-to-day obvious of how to make children eat all their veggies, have milk daily, take medicines without a fuss, I write about child-led parenting, gender stereotypes, labelling, rewards/punishments on the parenting blog. Also, the outdoor escapades and the simple joys of our daughters’ childhood.

Hitherto unschooled, we are planning to impart life learnings to our daughters as they turn six years. This is helping me develop a perspective about India’s education system (not too charitable, to say the least). I articulate these views, too, on my parenting blog. After all, parenting is also¬†having an opinion, getting involved and trying to better for the future of the next generation!!

The financial hit of not earning is painful. Simultaneously, the pleasure, the joy in this topsy-turvy and thrilling ride of growing up together with my daughters is immense and beyond belief. My proposition to every man is to give it a try with their children: Be A Stay-At-Home Father. Grow Up Together.

I welcome every parent to join in with their experiences and thoughts of how parenting is, should be and should not be. Stand UP, Speak Out!!! #IAmAParent

If you have any questions about the blog or any of the posts, please write to me. The mail-id is mydaughters(dot)me(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you for your time. Hope you like it here. I am Chirag Mehta, a stay-at-home father.