Stand UP, Speak OUT!!! #IAmAParent

As a parent, what all have I done? As a parent, what all should I have done? Also, what all I should not have done? Whatever it is, would I like to stand up and speak out for my parenting self?

Parenting takes up a whole lot of the parent’s life and investments of money, time and efforts. And, of course, the journey continues… Along the topsy-turvy ride of parenting, there are goose-bumps of happiness and misery, anguish and joy and also bouts of loneliness and self-doubts. Whatever it is, would I like to stand up and speak out about my parenting trials and tribulations?

I scout for the best of service providers for my children – schools, coaching centres, activity centres and the list goes on. As a parent, I consider it my duty to go beyond paying fees, providing logistics and I want to get actively involved. However, the “said” service-providers consider themselves as the be-all and end-all of the child’s “holistic development” and would not accept, even listen to me/my inputs.

Would I consider to stand up and speak out about the relegation of parents from the active and committed contribution to the child’s upbringing?

As a parent, I want to leave the world a better place than I was born in. I have put up with inequities and biases, abuses and prejudices. But, I do not want my children to go through what I have endured.  If I do not stand up and speak out now, nothing else but the existential threat of climate change will ensure that there won’t be many future generations born on this planet.

My work-place with all the inherent double-speak on being a parenting enabler does a volte-face when it comes to my taking an extended break for spending time with my children. Well, the mention of this day-to-day pretence made me feel good; but that’s about it. I feel it may not be a wise move to stand up and speak out in this regard.

Forget all of the above. I just want to stand up and speak out about childhood memories and fun moments with my children. The wild and wacky adventures, the crazy stuff, daily chores – all of them also need their place under the sun.

If the above resonates with you any bit, this is the place for you. Whatever of the above and whatever not of the above, anything you want to stand up and speak out for, you may want to consider this place – as your own.

Send in your thoughts, your views about parenting, whatever it is. I will put it up on under your name, with no changes. After all, parenting is about one’s own beliefs, expression of one’s own self.

This is an attempt to create a space for discussion on parenting, a touchy subject that drives all parents paranoid. An effort to make sense of it, banging all heads together.

What do you say? Join in with your experiences and thoughts of how parenting is, should be and should not be.

Stand Up and Speak Out, this is about your children. If not for them, who else will you do it for?

PS: My e-mail id is mydaughters(dot)me(at)gmail(dot)com. To know more about my parenting self, you can visit the About Me page.